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每一场直播都不是按一个button就live的了,背后琐碎的小事情,真的需要一两天去规划,筹备,沟通。非常感谢这8年的支持,当中有想过放弃,因为有时会发现人性真的很可怕,曾经被商家摆上台、拿不到佣金、亏损、欺骗、背叛, 真的会不小心让人心力交瘁,虽然我们的规模并不大。

在选择产品,我有自己的原则;己所不欲,勿施于人,每样能够上架的产品,都是本身自己用了、品测了才推荐给大家,因为我们不想大家走冤枉路。而Small Potato, 就是妈咪们值得信赖的母婴平台!

有你。有我。有大家.    Small Potato 是一个和别人不一样,有温度的平台。

Every livestream isn't just a matter of pressing a button to go live. Behind the scenes, there are countless little details that require days of planning, preparation, and communication. I'm truly grateful for the support over these past 8 years. There were moments when I considered giving up because, at times, human nature can be truly daunting. I've been put on the spot by merchants, failed to receive commissions, faced losses, deceit, and betrayal. It can inadvertently wear one down, even though our scale isn't particularly large.

When it comes to selecting products, I have my principles: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Every product that makes it onto our shelves is one I've personally used and tested before recommending it to you all. We don't want anyone to feel misled as Small Potato is a trustworthy platform for mothers, providing products that we stand behind.

With you, me and everyone.   Small Potato is a platform that's different from the rest, one with warmth.

小妞妈咪和 Small Potato 的故事

The Story of Stephie & Small Potato



As a science graduate with a degree in graphic design, Stephie started selling and exchanging preloved items on popular forums over a decade ago. She had a penchant for sharing through writing, posting travelogues, product reviews, and other narratives, making many "internet friends" along the way.



Driven by her interests, she ventured into online commerce, starting with preloved goods, then clothing, and sunglasses. She personally selected products, sourced them, negotiated with suppliers, took photos, and thoroughly enjoyed the process.




However, with the workload becoming overwhelming due to pregnancy, she temporarily halted her online business.

It wasn't until after giving birth to her daughter Xiao Niu that, while planning outings with her, she rediscovered her passion for online selling after encountering Zojirushi products. She began organizing group purchases of Zojirushi products through Facebook communities.


因为越来越多薯粉,小妞妈咪开始物色不同的商品,也会有商家注意到Small Potato。

再加上孩子慢慢长大,小妞妈咪考虑了很久以后,最后辞去了副经理的职位,全职经营Small Potato的平台。

As the number of loyal followers grew, Stephie began scouting for different products, catching the attention of merchants as Small Potato gained traction.

With her child growing up, after much contemplation, she eventually resigned from her position as an assistant manager to fully devote herself to managing Small Potato.



另外,产品选择也有一定的原则,就是希望大家的购物体验是好的,Small Potato是值得信赖的。

Being an avid online shopper herself, Stephie places great emphasis on the shopping experience for customers.

Additionally, there are principles guiding product selection, aiming for a positive shopping experience for everyone. Small Potato is a platform that's trustworthy and dependable.


Small Potato 小小的马铃薯可能无人知晓,但TA的价值是非常丰富+百变的。

Small Potato may be a little-known potato, but its value is incredibly rich and versatile.


- Small Potato - 

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