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【Pre-order】New Duo (double sided) Cutting Board

RM 119.00

Small Size: L29.4cm x W22.6cm x H0.8cm

Medium Size : L39.3cm x W30cm x H0.8cm

DUO with double sides: 

- one side for raw meat/ seafood (texture surface) 

- one side for fruits and vegetables (wave surface)

> Nano-technology, with Silver Nano anti bacterial technology, 

> High density, bacterial can't penetrate, therefore it's mildew proof !

> Easy to clean, wash with mild detergent and won't absorb bad smell.

> Anti-slip silicone at the 4 corners of the cutting board, come with image indicate for raw meat and vegetables.

> Cutting board's groove for juice water, prevent spill over table top.