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RM 559.00 RM 599.00

  • This portable vacuum cleaner is the ideal solution for cleaning mattresses, couches, stairs, and more
  • Dust sensors and indicator lights on vacuum easily show the dust level
  • Extra-long cord for added cleaning reach and ease of use
  • Lightweight handheld vacuum for easy maneuverability
  • Dimensions: 9.80"L x 5.70"W x 15.90"H
  • 1 year warranty
  • Malaysia plug
  • FREE Dust collection filter x2 (worth RM59.90)
  • FREE Exhaust filter x1 (worth RM59)


Highlight recommend Japan Branded -IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC2 is the latest model for Iris Ohyama in addition to mite vacuum cleaners to achieve the industry's most lightweight design Dust mite vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning just got a whole lot easier with this handheld vacuum and mattress cleaner. The unique dust sensors power the dust indicator light, letting you know how much dust is on the surface area. Lightweight, this cleaner is easy to use and move around. The extra-long cord of the makes it easy to reach those hard to access area. Great for mattresses, couches, and more.






Product Feature

▶Combine two whirlwind airflows with stronger suction
▶Heater function, reduce indoor humidity, to avoid dust mites breeding
▶Lightweight design, weighing only 1.6kg
▶Taps per minute beat the number of times up to 6000 times, can effectively remove dust mites and dust
▶Equipped with about 20cm tip, equipped with a wide range of powerful vibration mode, can be hidden in the bedding of the mite dust sucked out
▶High sensitivity of the dust mite sensor, supplies dust mites and bacteria on the serious process will be reflected through the different colors of light
▶3 different suction strength adjustment, easy to clean the home position
Low gravity gravity design, easy to operate
▶Double filter, discharge clean air without pollution
▶Use of wire