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AnXin Chicken Powder 40g

RM 40.00

AnXin Chicken is a special branded chicken mean because it is safe and healthier choice for the discerning consumers.It is free from Antibiotic & Chemical Growth Promoters. This assurance comes in the form of Yellow band around AnXin Chicken leg printed GG.It breeds with natural supplements with its exceptionally good in taste & quality.AnXin Chicken Powder is high in protein and has low cholesterol level, benefit to our & little ones health. 

*Remark 1 : Our Anxin Chicken Powder is made from [ 100% Anxin Chicken BREAST MEAT ] only ! X Not adding in any Salt, Herbs, Vegetables XThis is not commonly available chicken stock, it's PURE chicken powder. 

*Remark 2 : Our AnXin Chicken is slaughtered in Halal Way and our production facilities,equipment involved are pork free.