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【Ready Stock】Japan Skater 480ml Water Bottle (Direct Drink) Non-transparent

RM 60.00 RM 75.00

Size: Approx. Width 95 x Depth 79 x Height 210 mm
Capacity: 480 ml

[Quality display (heat resistant temperature)]
Cap: Saturated polyester resin (100 degrees)
Body / lid / belt: Polypropylene (120 degrees)
Packing: Silicone Rubber (140 degrees)
Spring / Pin: Stainless Steel

Type of antibacterial agent used: Inorganic antibacterial agent
Processing method: Kneading
Processing part: Overall (excluding belt and metal parts)

SIAA mark is an antibacterial product based on the result evaluated by the ISO22196 method. It is displayed on products whose quality is controlled and information is disclosed according to the guidelines of the Technical Council.

● Made in Japan