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【Pre-order】Japan Marna Good Lock Seasoning Container (White)

RM 39.00

The seasonings are smooth and easy to take out, and the deliciousness when bought is maintained.

Wet seats are always moist and easy to use.

The GOOD LOCK CONTAINER has a tightly closed lid that protects it from moisture and dryness and keeps it fresh.

And it's easy to open with one touch.
A series of storage products that are close to the user and have both airtightness and operability.

Size: Approx. 152 x 164 x 117 mm
Capacity: Approx. 2.0L

Size: Approx. 102 x 164 x 117 mm
Capacity: Approx. 1.2L

Size: Main body: Approx. 152 x 82 x 117 mm
Capacity : Approximately 700mL

Size: Approx. 102 x 82 x 117 mm
Capacity: Approx. 450mL

Made in China

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