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【Pre-order】Essential Haircare for VOLUMIZING | Reduce Hair Loss Package Free 60ml*1

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  • 豌豆肽 :头发的超级食物,含有完整的氨基酸来源,有助于促进和强化毛囊干细胞

  • 蘑菇提取物:含有有助于防止脱发的活性成分

  • 维生素 B:支持头发生长、加强和增厚头发的营养素

  • 薄荷醇:有助于增加头皮的血液流动并滋养毛囊

  • 复方精油:

    • 天竺葵油:促进头发生长和调节头发干燥

    • 姜根油:含有丰富的脂肪酸,有助于头发稀疏,促进血液流向头皮,可作为头皮屑的天然防腐剂



  • 植物糖异构体: 在发丝上形成一层保护膜,能起到72小时抗静电、保湿、调理以及使头发变柔软的效果

  • 摩洛哥坚果油: 助于滋润发尾,能够深成滋养强韧发丝

  • 奇亚籽油: 奇亚籽油富含健康脂肪,可使头发看起来水润健康,展现自然光泽

  • 维生素原B5 :可保护你的头发免受造型或环境损害,让你能尽情享受阳光

复方精油:依兰依兰油 ,柚子油,安树油:修复受损毛躁发丝


✅洗发液:Essential Volume Boost (小紫)
✅Conditioner (小黄)
✅Essential Tonic
✅Essential Activ Ampoules
坚持用上三个月,你会发现baby hair向您招手了


Are you suffering from excessive hair loss issue that has taken a serious toll on your self-esteem and confidence? 

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon but you should be worried when you are losing more hair than new hair growing. This is when you need to take matters seriously and start preaching on effective hair loss remedies that are proven effective to help with hair loss.

Introducing you the advanced anti hair loss shampoo specially formulated based on scientific and beauty technology that activates the scalp’s microcirculation, stimulating hair metabolism and healthy scalp! 

Wonder what is the solution that Essential hair care for VOLUMIZING provides?

  • Pisum sativum peptide: A superfood for your hair that has the complete source of amino acids to help stimulate and strengthen follicle stem cells

  • Mushroom extract: Contains actives that help to prevent hair loss

  • Vitamin Bs: The essential Bs that support hair growth, strengthen and thicken hair

  • Menthol: Helps to increase blood flow in scalp and nourish hair follicles

  • Essential oils 

  1. Geranium Oil: To promote hair growth and regulate dryness of hair

  2. Ginger Root Oil: Contains abundance of fatty acids that help with hair thinning, as well as encouraging blood flow to scalp and works as a natural antiseptic for dandruff

  3. Ylang Ylang Oil: Contains actives that balance oil production in scalp and thus support healthy hair growth


1. Saccharide Isomerate : forms a protective barrier over the hair surface and deeply hydrates the hair keeping your hair moisturized up to 72 hours

2. Arganina Spinosa Kernel Oil : deeply moisturizes and soothe dry, damaged hair

3. Salvia Hispanica Seed Oil : prevent dryness and help tame the fizziness 

4. Panthenol, pro-Vitamin B5 : provide protection to your hair from styling or environmental damage

5. Essential oils blend (Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit and Eucalyptus): providing stronger and healthy-look strands. 

Essential Deep Nourishing conditioner containing Saccharide isomerate that is derived from D-glucose of wheat and has the similar composition of the endogenous carbohydrate complex in the natural moisturizing factor found in stratum corneum. It further nourish your hair and scalp, prolonging your hair moisture, so that it remains soft and smooth.

Simply give our hair a treatment wash & care daily, visible results in 2weeks*

Bring home your set now!

*noticeable of reduction of hair fall