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【Pre-order】Cuitisan Signature 1400ml

RM 160.65 RM 189.00

📌SIZE/WEIGHT :L220mm X W157mm X H76mm(361g) First and only stainless steel food containers which are microwave safe. Designed in Europe Made in Korea FEATURES: - Freezer, fridge, oven, dishwasher, microwave (without Lid) safe - Heat resistance: -40°C ~ 400°C degree Celsius - Manufactures from premium quality materials: 316 posco stainless steel(main body); PP and platinum silicone(Lid) - Light weight but durable/airtight/nestable/stackable - Odor-free and easy to clean - Passed safety test: Germany LFGB, US FDA, KOREA KCL Lid Material: PP, Silicone Body Material: Cromosteel ⚠️Please take note that there might be some minor scratches on the products. ⚠️This is due to the natural characteristics of stainless steel material. ⚠️Please refrain from ordering if you are unable to accept the condition. ⚠️The lid must be kept away from high temperature, microwave, oven, dish washer, Ultraviolet  disinfectant and exposure. ⚠️不鏽鋼產品特性上可能會殘留研磨劑(刮痕),如是完美主意者,請勿下單‼️ ⚠️蓋子一律不能進任何高溫的地方,微波炉,蒸炉,洗碗機和UV紫外線消毒劑‼️