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【Pre-order】ASYLEA MaxSafe - 1 Second Contact Time

RM 18.90

For East Msia, 5L is not available.

Asylea MaxSafe is the most powerful multi-purpose disinfectant that is non alcohol, food grade ingredient, friendly to children, pregnant mothers, skin sensitive person and even pets.


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MaxSafe Superior Features :

- Disinfect in 1 second contact time, fastest in the world (Clinically Proven) 

- Effectively combat Coronavirus (Clinically Proven)

- Effectively combat Enterovirus 71 - HFMD, Hand Foot Mouth Disease (Clinically Proven)

- Up to 99.999% disinfection efficiency (medical grade 5 log kill)

- Food-grade, safe for pregnant women and children

- Suitable for people with sensitive skin

- No pungent smell (no need to cover up with fragrance)