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【Ready Stock】Japan Skater 480ml Water Bottle (Direct Drink)

RM 75.00

A plastic direct drinking water bottle that can be used in a dishwasher.

The clear body where you can see the contents is a highly transparent PET material.

Easy to open with push-type open!

Comes with a shoulder belt that you can carry around your shoulder.

The shape is light and easy to hold.

The main body is a wide mouth type that makes it easy to put ice.

Product Size :About Width 95x Width 79x High 210mm
capacity : 480ml

Country of manufacture: Japan

Material / component: Material ・ingredients
Cap ・Main Unit : PET ( 100 degrees )
Lid ・Belt : polypropylene ( 120 degrees )
Packing : Silicon Rubber ( 140 degrees )
Spring ・Pin : Stainless

Package: Individual Packaging