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【Ready stock】Organic Pocket Chia

RM 4.00

Chia Seeds
8 times more Omega-3 than salmon,

15 times more magnesium than broccoli,

5 times more calcium than milk,

3 times more antioxidant than blueberries.


99.9% pure chia seed


Omega-3 – A diet of a lot of omega-3, will reduce inflammation;
can increase blood levels

Calcium & Magnesium – essential for bone health

Iron – helps to make red blood cells, which carry oxygen
around the body

Antioxidant – helps fight the production of free radicals, which can
damage molecules in cells and contribute to ageing and
diseases like cancer.

Protein – is the most weight loss friendly macronutrient and
can drastically reduce appetite and cravings.

Tips / Usage
Store in a dry sealed container and place.

Mix into water and stir. Wait for 15 minutes before drink.


Suggestion Recipe
Can be sprinkled, on top of cereal, yogurt, salad or into juice,
porridge and pudding

Added to baked goods – biscuit, cake muffin or bread.