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【Ready Stock】Japan Hahatec Toothbrush (free replace brush head)

RM 40.00


1. Product brand: HAHATEC

2. Product name: Japan HAHATEC electric folding disinfection toothbrush

3. Accessories content: folding toothbrush + brush head*2 + charging base + Type-C charging cable + manual

4. Product maintenance: one year

5. Product origin: Japanese brand, made in China

6. Color: white

7. Packing: Japanese packing + Japanese manual

8. Body material: food grade plastic shell + hand-feel paint surface treatment, food grade PETG, PC+ABS

9. Brush head material: FDA certified DuPont bristles


1. The world's first portable folding sonic electric toothbrush with UV-LED automatic disinfection

2. Folding design, easy to carry, easy to put in the bag after folding

3. Automatically sterilize for 60s after folding, the 275mm deep ultraviolet light emitted by UV-LED automatically sterilizes and sterilizes, the toothbrush head is not exposed to the outside, to avoid bacterial virus contamination

4. The HAHATEC electric folding disinfection toothbrush was developed by Apple and Amazon's factories in the supply system. It lasted 4 years, experienced 3 iterations, and more than 7 exclusive patents.

5. The body is only 88g, one-click eject

6. Magnetic charging, can be flexibly placed in any convenient location

7. Long battery life: after fully charged, use twice a day, at least 32 days

8. IPX7 waterproof, you can wash the body directly under the tap