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【Ready Stock】Japan Skater Anti-bacterial 530ml Lunch Box

RM 79.00 RM 89.00

No need to remove packing! The dome-shaped lid is "fluffy" and can be packed with rice and side dishes!

With a packing-integrated lid, each partition has a packing, so it is difficult for juice to transfer!

It 's easy to wash because you don't need to remove the packing

It closes firmly with a 4-point lock.

Remove the lid and microwave OK!

Dishwasher OK! !!

[Product size (approx.)]

Size: 184 x 120 x 57 mm

Capacity: 550 ml

Total weight: 215 g

[Quality display / Heat resistant temperature]

Lid / Body: Polypropylene / 140 degrees

Stopper : ABS resin / 100 degrees

Packing: Thermoplastic elastomer / Type of antibacterial agent used at 140 degrees

SIAA mark is displayed on products whose quality is controlled and information is disclosed according to the guidelines of the Antibacterial Product Technology Council based on the results evaluated by the ISO22196 method. It has been done.

* It does not suppress the growth of all bacteria.

● Made in China

* The posted image is just an image. Colors, patterns, etc. may differ from the actual product.